My Pullarias

In 2000 I fortunately became in the posession of  pullarias. I bought these birds from a belgian who bought an complete importdeliverance of about 80 birds.This man helped me wonderfull in the beginning by providing me with advice and information to keep these birds alive wich I managed.

From 2001 I have succeeded in breeding with pullarias every year. Learning by trial and error because once a couple turns to be a breeding couple it isn't a guarantee that they raise every year a number of young ones. In the meantime I have set up 9 couples and  I can make some more couples from young birds. I'm doing that very carefully because as I already experienced the birds are very sensitive. I think it is essential that first the birds have to moult twice before you should start breeding with them.

I'll call up for breeders and keepers of these birds to get in touch with them. I'd like to coƶperate with them building up a viable collection of  Agapornis Pullarius Pullarius. I also would like to make more people enthusiastic about these birds. I hope my website contributes to this. Don't you think they are beautifull?????

Click on the pictures below for an enlarged presentation.

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