My name is Alfred Echten. I am a dutch breeder of the Agapornis Pullarius Pullarius.

This site informs you about my succesful breeding with the Agapornis Pullarius Pullarius. I dedicated the name of the website to this special lovebird. Beside my lovebirds I also will show you soon the other beautifull birds I have. The East African Brown Parrot, the Red-bellied Parrot and the Rueppell's Parrot. All of them of the Poicephalus family.

From the menu "BIRDS" you can click through to a number of beautiful pictures, description of the species and info about the way I keep the Agapornis Pullarius Pullarius (alias Pullaria).

The menu "INFO" links to "My Birdroom" and my breedingresults.

"SUPPLY AND DEMAND" presents my actual supply and demand.

Through "CONTACT" I invite you to take a look at the list of interesting bird-weblinks. You can also send me an email through this menu-item.

Meanwhile there have been published many articles of my Red faced lovebird. Just click on the page "MEDIA". Unfortunately most of the articles are written in Dutch but you can also view full screen a YouTube video through this page.

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